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Alok Nath Birthday

Alok Nath Birthday: Top Movies of The Iconic ‘Babuji’ of Bollywood to Watch on ZEE5

Happy Birthday to the beloved Alok Nath! Known as Bollywood’s favorite ‘Babuji,’ Alok Nath has been a comforting presence in many of our favorite films. His heartfelt performances as the caring father or wise elder have made him a cherished figure in Indian cinema. Today, as we celebrate his special day, let’s look at some […]

Sanjeev Kumar Movies

Sanjeev Kumar’s Legacy: Remembering the Legend on His Birth Anniversary

Very few iconic actors leave behind a legacy that is cherished and remembered even decades after they’ve gone. One such Indian cinema legend is Sanjeev Kumar. Born on this day in 1938, Sanjeev Kumar, or Haribhai as he was affectionately known, left an indelible mark on our hearts and the silver screen with his unforgettable […]